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kisses for doni, with a now forever traumatised dongwoon ♡

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Ghost Girl (by Kevin Francis Gray)


man but this photoset ignores some of my favorite things about this piece

like this

and this

it gives it more of a story i think

Every time I see this I must reblog!!

Not something I would usually reblog, but it’s so beautiful.

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Doctors + other Doctors (Pt. 1)

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"Aren’t you afraid, my Lord, that Potter might die at another hand but yours?" asked Malfoy, his voice shaking. “Wouldn’t it be more prudent to call of this battle, enter the castle, and seek him y-yourself?”

"Do not pretend, Lucius. You wish the battle to cease so that you can discover what has happened to your son."

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never doubt the words of xiahism

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So, the toxicology report came back on Lance.

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